Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Sale priceOMR 4.900


  • Anti-blue light: The anti-blue light screen protector has painstakingly created the Anti-Blue Ray tempered glass screen protector with advanced technology. It can filter out 90% blue light effectively from the screen.
  • Case friendly: Due to the curved-edge design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Our screen protector is made to be a little smaller than the actual screen of iPhone 12 Pro Max to prevent any bubbling and its a case friendly so you can easily fit any of your favorite Phone cases.
  • Health and safety: Excessive blue light exposure found in LED screens may lead to imbalanced melatonin level found in sleep disorders and eye strain and fatigue. The anti blue light screen protector can reduce the harm from Excessive blue light exposure found in LED screens.
  • Easy Installation: The anti-blue light screen protector made from the Japanese High-Quality Anti-Bubble Adhesive that it Installation Process very easy. No bubbles.
  • High-definition: The blue light screen protector will only filter out harmful blue light, protect your eyes while retaining the original picture quality of the phone, without any impact you browse your phone.

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