Anker Roav SmartCharge Car Kit F2 - R5111012

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Description :

Product description:

    • STRONG, STABLE SOUND: Solid Bluetooth and FM connection lets you stream audio files straight from your phone to your car's sound system.
    • BUILT-IN CAR LOCATOR: Roav's car-finding app makes forgetting where you parked a problem of a bygone era.
    • SIMULTANEOUS CHARGING: 2 USB ports equipped with advanced technology deliver high-speed charging for driver and passenger.
    • MAKE HANDS-FREE CALLS: Bluetooth 4.2 enables any car stereo to make and receive phone calls.

Patented technologies combine to deliver universal, high-speed charging—regardless of device or cable. PowerIQ detects your device’s specific charging requirements while VoltageBoost increases output to compensate for cable resistance.


The Roav Charger App logs the status of your battery every time you start your car. Keep a comprehensive record of your battery’s health.


  • Photograph Your Parking Space
  • Set A Parking Timer
  • Pin Where You Parked

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